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Concept and course of action

The vantage point fo this participatory project is the unification of the West. Arcadia, a projection of idyll and freedom of western societies was only accessible to the upper classes of society. To those who had the means for idleness.
My approach ties Arcadia to my own experience as a child growing up in a system that ultimately evolved into a dictatorship. In the Eastern Bloc, where more and more totalitarian systems prevailed under the guise of communist and socialist ideals, it was important to maintain the idyll, partly with silence, partly with joy of color.

There are 5 categories that invite you to participate. The categories were chosen with a view to the most important pillars as bearers of a healthy society. The choice of color is a reference to the so-called Trabi colors of the former GDR. 

The aim of this participatory action is to reach as many members of society as possible in order to find out more about their goals, ideals, fears and desires, in order to realize Arcadia in the midst of society instead of on a mountain top. Every step in the right direction starts with a dream, and giving up the dream is not an option!

As the number of participants increases, a blog will slowly emerge in which, in relation to the 5 categories, news is collected about progress that has already been undertaken to redeem the utopia of Arcadia from its status and translate it into the here and now.

All paradise or what?


What are we doing well? How can one encourage interdependence without having to completely give up independence? Where are we standing? What are we doing right as a society? What are our neighbors doing so well? What is the ideal environment you want to live in? What does it look like? How can you actively shape it based on the notion of the smallest / largest link?

Together, not against each other. Whether as an individual, group or larger society; Balance cannot be created through constant action, contemplation is just as important. This is the only way we can gain the necessary insight, which is then followed by deeds. We are as well connected as the forests that surround us. The Internet is a network that runs through the air in a fine tissue of electronic veins, like the fungal network, which continuously supplies the root networks with vital information through the floor of the forest. So we can also use the Internet to build and expand a network of progress. We can use the manifestation of energy in light and flow of information for our growth.  

Progress is not meant here in the sense of an “ism” but in the sense of the comprehensive term “nature” which we, as the largest organism are part of. Where nature builds bridges, people build fences, they draw mental boundaries in order to stand out, to exclude themselves from the bigger picture. Communication and exchange serve growth. Every society has areas in which it shines. Not always, but often these achievements can be traced back to adapting to the immediate environment, Mother Nature, which we are trying to master. Passing these achievements on to one another is paramount. Highlighting and translating the best of all countries so that they reflect our own society and can be embedded into our environment without adding wounds. 

Mother Earth is the greatest of all of us. She breathes, laughs and cries all the time. She is in constant change, adapting to external and internal circumstances. Arcadian perfection can still be found today, in places far from human influence. In such places, diversity is the driving factor in maintaining natural balance. While nature goes on her way, the West, anchored in Christian faith, goes her way of paradisiacal redemption. What if I don't wanna wait? If I, as part of nature, carry the divine seed in me and want to see it unfolded — in this life? Why not act in the here and now? Paradise is here, in the now, not in “elsewhere.” Dreams are there to be lived and not the other way around. The best ideas have their origin in the minds of courageous dreamers. Now dreams are there to be realized and that is why this pillar of the Paradise Here Society is dedicated exclusively to them.

This is where the music plays, not in yesterday!

Teilnehmerliste Wo bitte Geht's nach Arkadien
Festival program

What's the Way to Arcadia, Please #2"

The project Paradise Here has been created in this digital version for the Festival "What's the Way to Arcadia, Please #2", directed by Peter Kees. It will fully kick off at the beginning of the festival on the 7th of May in Ebersberg, Germany and only grow through active multi - trans - national participation.